19 February 2015

Colorful Wallpaper Free Download

Free Wallpaper Tech Download

Since the weather has been giving us some nice sunny days lately, I thought It would be time to go with a nice and fresh desktop for the month! As so, this might even inspire you to clean up your pc and remove all that clutter from your desktop (come on, we all are guilty of this). I know I did and felt much better.  I chose a positive quote that inspires you to work hard and carry on, and now you only have to choose the color that suits you best! Download this as a wallpaper, a free printable for your planner or even as wall art… I save freebies I find on pinterest in a folder to use for my projects too!

Tell me if you liked these wallpapers and what color you like best? Did you enjoy this quote?

15 February 2015

Mini Vegan Decadent Chocolate Tarts

Mini Vegan Decadent Chocolate Tarts recipe gluten-free sugar-free
Today is for delicious vegan tarts that you eat without feeling guilty. These are a triple layer rich flavored vegan chocolate tarts that are just asking to be eaten!
Mini Vegan Decadent Chocolate Tarts

13 February 2015

Blogging on a Budget: Camera & Apps

So you want to start blogging but you cannot afford it? Well I’m here to tell you that you can do so inexpensively! This is going to be a series I’m doing every week where I share with you how I blog, what I use and how I do so inexpensively!
Blogging on a budget camera and apps

Blog living on a budget is something really important for someone who is starting, for example, a fashion blog and needs to take good quality photos and schedule what to do on apps but simply cannot afford to do so on a big budget. I’ll start by listing the instruments of trade that I like using and from there be sharing more things to help you be a better blogger within a reasonable budget (or for free)! Here are my initial options:

11 February 2015

Soft Homemade Hamburger Bun Recipe

Soft Homemade Hamburger Buns Recipe

I have loved this recipe my boyfriend has created so much I've decided to share it here. He has altered it along the time to fit our needs and make it tastier. I love that the hamburger bread isn't full of sugar and that it hold its shape while eating. Unlike store bought bread that is so dry it falls apart and before you know it you're eating your own fingers!
Soft Homemade Hamburger Buns

We add lettuce (as you do) with sweet pickles, onion and hamburger sauce we make at home. 
And at this point we're done with it as it is filling! But sometimes we decide on making fries and this is the perfect combo for when you want a cheat meal.

09 February 2015

11 tips on living frugally in 2015

live frugally in 2015

Living with a limited income is difficult but doable. First of all, different things work for different people and not everyone likes to live in such a tight budget. I’m working on a preschool and my boyfriend is working as a temp, he’s a chef. We’re doing this to save up since we ended up moving last year and we want to build upon that. So any extra money that we make goes straight into savings for our house.
I like saving money and living frugally because sometimes you have to think outside the box to survive on such a small income, yet this doesn't mean it’s impossible to have a nice life. I have learned from my mother that saving money is easy, especially when you don’t really have any high cost habits - like not drinking alcohol and smoking – that can add up to a lot per month. The next step is creating a budget and following it. Here are my favorite ways to save up money for 2015:

1. No debit Card

Cut your Credit Debt I mean it! Cut that plastic card in half, literally! We made it a rule to not even own one to begin with. Believe it or not paying loans with interest is one of the most negative aspects many families have to deal with nowadays. This also makes us live moderately without unnecessary luxuries.

2. Live with a limit 

Set a limit for you and your family. Make that budget and print it out so you can see it and follow it strictly. This will help you not get on the “red”. Making grocery lists or even wish lists is something that will help you set a general view on things as well. This can help with priorities and believe it or not but keeping things written down has helped our household a lot. We have a wish list for the house with what we need/want; for our personal hobbies; for grocery lists; for work; etc.

3. Shop smart 

This ties in with being creative but I want to talk a bit more on the subject. You need something and you go out and buy it immediately? Wrong! You read reviews, watch videos on it, look at photos on Instagram of it, as those people if they like what they bought, go to forums on it and THEN you check where you can buy it cheaper! 
For instance, here in Sweden, we use pricerunner.se. This shows us where we can buy something the prices in lists and reviews from people who bought it on that online store. Ten you also check eBay to see if you can find a trustworthy store owner and/or a better price. And yes, I include shipping in that price limit. I have done that with my DSLR, phone and so on. And I have yet to be unlucky thankfully. 

05 February 2015

Best Inexpensive Washi Tape Shops

inexpensive planner decor 2015I've been on a planner decorating kick lately! This all started with buying some very inexpensive cute washi tapes! I'm nearly done with organizing my planner since I've been experimenting with inserts and printables I've done. Soon I'll add more to the blog free for download!

But as of today, I've decided to share some of my favorite eBay stores that have done a great job at sending things quick and good quality (as well as cheaper! And that's always important!)

First off, I have bought these with my own money, nothing was given to me and I'm just sharing because I'm assuming many of you, like me,  also like things cheap and cheerful.
inexpensive planner accessories

1. 4900vestenskov

Honestly this was the best experience I've had with an eBay shop ever! I bought the washi tapes and 3 days later I've received them from Hong Kong! They were in good condition and the images did not lie! Plus they sell the cutest most wonderful things for stationary addicts like me!

2. sumire_snoopy

Again, a large assortment of cute things that I have to force myself to NOT buy, while being very inexpensive in comparison to other online stores. Did I say they had cute things? I am not disappointed!

planner accessories kikkik

3. LightInTheBox.com

I've never heard of this online shop until recent but it can be dangerous! It has a lot of things (not so much in cute planner accessories) and they sell for very inexpensive! And the tapes they sell are very colorful and different from the ones available on eBay.

4. warehouse87

I'm aware this seller has only 98% positive feedback but I've had good business with them and got my glitter golden washi tape goodness only four days after buying it. Again, keep in mind this is from China to Sweden. I'm glad I've risked it because glitter. :P

kawaii stationary

5. ginger*jujusmile10

If you look at their page you'll see the most desirable things for a planner nerd to ever buy! I have to admit that I'm still waiting for my order to arrive but I had to mention them as they have so many kawaii things that it's impossible not to mention them!

If you have any good places to shop stationary? Then do share down in the comments, please! I'm always hunting for cute things!

03 February 2015

Spicy Baked Parsnip Fries

 You may not enjoy parsnips but I found a way for you to enjoy these without having them in soup.
I know right? In my mind parsnips is stringy and fibrous, so cooking it like this made it less earthy yet very enjoyable. Totally deliscous. Also the lemon acts like magic in this recipe making the interior tender whilst the outside is crispy!