06 August 2015

Why keep to-do lists?

planner listsAs you might know, if you follow my social media, I absolutely love to make lists. Which in return makes me want to cross those bullet points out. This is a great way to be productive if you're like me, whith many ideas and with a knack for distraction!
I cannot do without my planner! However, how do I make sure I'm actually completing these tasks? Well good thing you're reading this because I'm going to tell you!

I have started making lists in highschool so I could do all of the excessive homework and group assignments my teachers gave us, as well as, study for tests and prepare for finals. Because of that, this was my most successful academic year! I used a calandar and wrote everything down. Then I started having a notebook and adding more things to aid me. Calander and notebook seem to work best for me instead of solely my phone. I guess writing things down makes them more "real" for me.

I'm very distracted and forget things quickly so it's a habit of mine to write things down, even if on post it and then adding them to my agenda. My to do list can go from simple daily tasks to very elaborate structured lists for and indefinate date. It really does depend on how busy I am and how much needs to be done. This works for me but again, planning is a personal thing. For instance, I just LOVE the Erin Condren Life Planner, but the vertical layout doesn't work well at all for what my needs are.

planner lists

Why planners?

You can create a task list for everything! For your school, work, your expenses and even as a fitness tracker or passwords you keep forgetting!
I use a variation of these in a horizontal weekly layout. I make them almost everyday and for future meetings and whatnot. Usually I make them the day before but I like doing a general one for places I need to be on a certain time. For exemple;

Organize ahead of time so you can visualize what needs to be done first. It becomes a bit easier seeing your whole week all laid out for you. This is why I prefer the weekly layouts but better. You can have a monthly layout to track what you've done. In my case, I like this to only add when I've written a post or done something for my blog and the theme of the post. This helps me spread out content.

Short meetings and work together. I keep this as a personal log to see if things are right in the future. I also add my boyfriend's work schedule in here since her can also be forgetful. I add doctor's appointments as well as school assignments due in a certain date. So this is a more stable and permant list you see.

Small chores. Social media sharing, Scheduling future posts and sharing them on facebook and twitter. Answering to emails. This comes after because it's when i have time after I come home and can do it quickly.

Lists of things I need to do that are very similar. Say I wrote a batch of blog posts and need to take photos. Then I do this all in one go. I also try doing this prior to writing a blog post though. This is how I like it the best. However, doing all of the same type of tasks gives structure to my day and what it'll be without distractions.

planner lists

My planner is divided by tabs which gives it a structure. I like doing batch work so I can enjoy some "me time" without going crazy and that I have enough time in a day to do everything like house chores. Sometimes I might not do something on my list because something came up or the weather is great and I much rather be under the sun, so I'll cross that off and do it next day!

Why weekly?

I do this because I not only have school but other affairs to tend to. I like dividing obligatory chores/appointments based on that day and what needs to be done. This way I have more space to do additional things.

Ok so I made a list. Now what?

Ok so you have those pesky chores that need to be done but how do you cross them all off? Well, just do it! Don't overthink or you'll be stuck and won't be able to do anything! Believe me this is something I'm still working on as I like procrastinating... For shame, I know.
I also treat this as a job (even though it isn't) so that I just have to get on with it!

Not feeling motivated?

Here are some extra tips that really work ticking those boxes with a check:

After a few of tasks have been completed, then give yourself a reward. It can be whatever you want, for instance, a cup of tea, or a walk to strech those legs. Yay, go you!

Do the things you don't want to do first! Or things you should be doing need priority.

Mantain your lists uncluttered. Yes I realize I have stickers decorating my pages but do realize they're not in the way and my lists are very clear and simple.

Can you fail horribly? How?

Here are some things that made me procrastinate even further:
  • Having to much to do in one day, thinking you'd be able to complete your list.
  • Having to many random to-do's
  • Being hard on yourself for not being able to complete your list

How to overcome certain obstacles?

  • Nothing like a dose a realism to make you think clearly! What can one do in a day? How much time is set off to do certain things like working on your blog or youtube channel or even on your hobbies?
  • Allow yourself to start the day early and tackle it right away! I've said this before and it works.
  • Keep your to-do's simple and to the point. Sometimes I used mine to write in numbers but that's it.
  • Don't be your worst enemy and exert yourself. Make sure you do the most important things first and keep a clear view of what still needs to be done. There is always another day...tomorrow.

Making lists is fun and having a planner can be an addiction se keep your head on the game! Having things written on paper is a great and it's a wonderful visual aid for your goals. I love it! Are you crazy for lists? Make sure to follow me on instagram as I share my weekly layouts on there!


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