06 August 2015

Why keep to-do lists?

planner listsAs you might know, if you follow my social media, I absolutely love to make lists. Which in return makes me want to cross those bullet points out. This is a great way to be productive if you're like me, whith many ideas and with a knack for distraction!
I cannot do without my planner! However, how do I make sure I'm actually completing these tasks? Well good thing you're reading this because I'm going to tell you!

03 August 2015

Swedish Chokladbollar Recipe

Chokladbollar Recept

Hello! Since moving to Sweden I have made a great discovery: Swedish chocolate is delicious! And as that I have tasted countless Ischoklad, Semla pasteries, Pepparkaka, Lussekatt and my favorite chocolate Daim! I dare say that it is as good as Swiss chocolate! I have made this healthy version of these as Carob Bliss Bites before and they were so good, so if you are on a regime you might want to check it out.