31 July 2015

What's on my phone!

Let me tell you what I have on my phone as I have never owned an android os and it has been great to test out new things! Being abke to customize so many aspects on this phablet has been a great experience and something I never thought would bring such benefits or productivity. I have a Huawei Ascend Mate 7, and I'm loving it! I like the large 6 inch screen and the camera, as colors are true to real life. I really apreciate the dual sim slot and the HD screen, sometimes pictures from other people can look not so sharp on Instagram but that's something I'm willing to overlook. Being that I'm a fan of the Emotion UI and how it works well with certain functionalities, it can resemble the likes of iOS whuch I was accustomed to. Plus, that battery life! This phone lasts 2 days easily! And I'm a very heavy user.
So my basic apps that I use the most are by far instagram, snapchat, taptalk, skype and afterlight. This is the wallpaper I use and the plugins I have. I like keeping minimal pages with files of related apps. Yes there is no app drawer but since I came from an iOS device I have no issues with this!

27 July 2015

Everything about green smoothies

You've seen me share them quite often on my instagram and on here. Of course, I am talking about green smoothies! I try to drink one everyday and I have gotten some questions about this and how I'm taking care of my body.
Green smoothies tend to be mostly vegetables (as the name indicates) with a small percentage of fruit. I just need a blender and a bit of time in the mornings for this! Also, no it doesn't taste...healthy. It tastes refreshing and it's actually really good! No "earthy" after taste.