23 January 2015

Free Planner Printable: Blog Tracker

If you like planner templates then this post is for you. I have long been wanting a blog tracker to keep up with posts and whatnot so here I am making you some for your Personal, pocket and A5 Filofax! Or for your Webster Pages, Dokibook or Kikki K. 
You can list your title ideas and then mark if has been written, if you've taken photos for the post (always very important), if it's ready and scheduled and when you've shared it on your social media. To me this is a simple technique for the planner addicts out there that want to maintain a blog.

planner agenda free printable

Note: Please adjust your printer to 100% size when printing, A4 borderless. And for best results, use best quality print.

22 January 2015

Healthy Snacks to Avoid Binge Eating

Yes I know it's cold and that hot chocolate is looking at you with sexy eyes! Believe me I feel the same pain. And as such I've been coming up with snacks that are both filling and keep my sweet tooth satisfied without having my conscious nagging me. These are some of my favorite healthy snacks on the go, for the kids, for work or just if you're trying to control your weight-loss!

Healthy Snacks to Avoid Binge Eating
These are foods that worked for me while not being extremely fitness orientated and I walking to my job. And I have lost weight thus far!

raw bite weightloss healthy snack bars
Raw Bite is wonderful if you're vegan and they make the most delicious tasting snack bars! My favorite happens to be Spicy Lime flavor.

19 January 2015

Free Planner Printable: For the Home Wishlist

Since I got my new planner, I've been obsessed with decorating it! I absolutely love the look of washi tapes, stickers, cute dashboards filled with post its and everything else related to the planner community and making the planning life easier!
Because of this I've decided to start making my own inserts to better match my system. With that being said I also thought it would be nice to share these inserts with everyone because sharing is caring! Corny I know, but true!

kikkik planner free planner printable wishlist

The first printable I made was a wishlist dedicated solely to things I want/need to buy for my house since we're (kind of) newly moved in and need a bunch of things still. The need to create something feminine compelled me to include an element from my own logo: peonies!

Note: Please adjust your printer to 100% size when printing, A4 borderless. And for best results, use best quality print.

Creative Commons License
For the Home Wishlist by Nekkoart is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

17 January 2015

How to be a productive blogger while having full-time job

How to be a productive for blogger while working a full time job

Wanting to improve your blogging system is overall a must if you're trying to make blogging part of your business. If so, then I've found some productivity tools that can ensure you make it the most out of your blog's life while working a full time job.

1.Write posts in bulk and schedule them. 

Work in bulk. Sit down one day with the intent of only writing. Nothing else. This will keep your mind focused, your time strict and your blog full of topics. You can start by scribbling some ideas on a piece of paper and then evolving from there. Even if you think they're stupid, do not throw them away! Work on them and better the content. I promise that by the end you'll have a fully written article!

2.Do the most important tasks in the morning on the weekends.

If your blog is your job, then work first thing in the morning. But if you're like me and get back from work later, you need to shower and then get on that computer and write to your heart's content!

3.Bring your blog planner to work. 

Having a blog planner means that you can write down your blog posts. Don't like writing on paper? Well you can use your iPad BUT having to rewrite your post means you'll be able to explain your thoughts better since you can edit them once more.

15 January 2015

My Favorite Everyday Green Smoothie

This has to be one of my favorite kale smoothie recipes that I've put together! It keeps you full until lunch and since I work in a preschool and we have to go out for a few hours until midday, it’s very important that I keep energized and not hungry.

My recipe is very tropical tasting and most importantly, it doesn't taste “healthy” even though it totally is, so if you don't like smoothies this one is a great start to a nutritious and vitamin filled diet.

Tropical Green Smoothie Recipe

This green monster smoothie is simple to make every morning because I blended the kale with a bit of water and froze it in cubes, making the process so quick to make on mornings when I'm running late!

If you workout then this is also a good choice and you can add your protein powder for added protein. I prefer adding vanilla flavored one which gives this beverage a very nice flavorful touch. 

03 January 2015

15 things only expats will understand

I have noticed that defining an expatriate not only means that you left your country, but also, that you pick up habits that are specific to adapting your life to a new country and culture. Before I start let me give you a bit of a back story, I have lived in the USA as an expatriate, previously to living in Portugal before I moved, in 2012, to Sweden. I have lived in Scandinavia for 2 years now with my boyfriend. It feels like six months as it is one of the best countries to live in.

Being an expatriate in Sweden

During these two years I have learned many things besides the language, therefore, deciding to share this knowledge seemed appropriate. I have met many other expats in Sweden and have noticed we form a bond only we understand; whether it’s how to go to that one international gourmet store and what ingredients you can find there, or what packages you got from home and how you pack your luggage when visiting home.

1. Coins everywhere!
You have euros in your car, kroners in your pocket and dollars in your wallet because you are THAT organized. And then you have to pay for your Quest Bar and you grab a euro thinking it’s the right currency… yeah.