13 October 2013

Minecraft Build: Addams Family House (Part 1 & 2)

Hey guys!
So I like building and Halloween therefor I decided to make this little video. I chose to build The Addams Family house which unites these two topics well.

The graveyard from the movies. It also has the statue and sofa. I love that little detail they had and decided to implement it to the build.
In the end, when I did the tour with Honney (whom I coded the blog for, go check it out and tell me if you like it. Link is here); I decided to add lights to the tip of the trees so she could see the outside details better. Turns out we ended up recording for more then an hour! I'd say that's normal when we're streaming together! :P

Here's the mailbox and sign of "BEWARE OF THING" inspired by the 1960's sitcom. You can see this in the first ever pilot! I took a lot of inspiration from that first episode when the kids are summoned to go to school instead of being home-schooled by Granmama.

The exterior 

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The interior 

Watch video below | Watch on Youtube

And the inside! I've decided to take some snapshots even though we have a long second video since I myself enjoy details.
The texture pack really does change the vibe of the whole thing transforming it into a haunted house for Halloween!

The chandelier is one of my favorites. I added it above Lurch's piano and going down the stairs to give the right mood. They are tear shaped down the stairs so you don't bump your little cube head! :P
There's also the bird cage and the chairs near the fire place. The carpet is free so the kids can play. Also Gomez and Morticia can dance to Lurch's musical pianos!

In the dining room in the above picture, I added Jack O'Lanterns. This room was done by Linus though and I think he did a great job! I love the coal block acting as the dinning table!

The kitchen was also made by Linus. He's a Chef so I thought it was only appropriate.

Dan dan daaan! Haha I'm a derp! Anyway, this area here is Morticia's garden and since the movies don't mention it and the show's setup makes NO sense I decided to make inside the house. Thoughts?

My favorite room! The main bedroom! I love the purple and also the snow I added as pillows! Hm so fluffy you want to sleep all day!
Also let's take a moment to basque in Uncle Fester's bedroom below. I adore the books.

Pugsly's room with the fire place. I have to admit that that is one of my most beloved details! I'd love to have a fireplace in my room wouldn't you?!

Wednesday's room with the awesome big bed and the headless dolls!

And behind the fireplace going back down to the living room.

This is all for this let's build! If you want to support then please subscribe to my blog or youtube. Anyway, hope you enjoy! I will be making these more if you guys want to.
Thank you for coming by!


03 October 2013

Free Iphone/Ipod and desktop wallpapers for fall!

Hey guys! I love autumn. The fast turning leafs and the chilling weather. So to commemorate October I've decided to share a desktop wallpaper and iphone wallpapers as well! I've made two of them one for older iphone 4/4s users and a newer for iphone 5/5c/5s users! It's colorful yet elegent with a touch of glitter and light turquoise. Enjoy and see you next time. The links to dwonload will be under.

Download below:

Wallpaper (resolution1376 x 768)

Here's how to install them:
Open these link images on a new tab. If you're on a smartphone then press the image, hold and save. You can find the wallpaper on your photo album and left click to the "share" icon. Then choose to "use as wallpaper" or start screen. That's it, you're done!
If you enjoy these and use them, please share a picture with me on twitter or instagram at nekkoartnet or hastag #nekkoart !

Do not share the full size images on your blog, use for profit or not give credit. Be nice and credit the artist. Thank you. :)

02 October 2013

Tutorial: Star Corona Grande & Waltz Sonobe

I have two videos for the origami lovers out there. The latest video I uploaded today due to unexpected computer problems I had. Anyway I hope you enjoy and here are some more shots just because.

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Below is the video I made from last week and it's from the same artist Maria Sinayskaya. I really enjoy her blog and her photos. Anyway, this Friday I'll hopefully be uploading a Halloween themed video.

 Also if you follow my on my instagram, you'll see I post a lot of images sharing what I'm doing or just some crafty projects there. :)

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