27 August 2013

The first things in life.

When I found out about this video. I felt like i needed to make it not just because of the quicky title it's given, but because it's a good concept and bubbly. So here it is filmed from a couple of weeks ago and now I am here sharing it because why not?

Watch video below | Watch at YouTube

14 August 2013

Giveaway! {Closed}

Hey guys hope you enjoy this little video and giveaway I bring for you today! I'm excited because I never did anything like this. Let's hope I get good feedback so I can do more like this in the future!

13 August 2013

Walk through the city...

 Hello there readers! Today was such a beautiful day and since we had to go to the job center. It was lovely to be able to just walk around the walk streets (my boyfriend told me that's how they're named since cars aren't allowed).
I didn't know how many stores actually where there since I'm new to this city and also because Kupolen is in the other side of Borlänge. That means that all the cool stores are, supposedly, there. I did notice that The Body Shop which I love and will go there again. I also saw a really cool dslr camera shop plus the cinema too. I filmed some footage that I will be editing and uploading to my youtube channel.

 Linus being all cute and stuff. He doesn't like to be photographed so I'm sharing his face on the interwebs! Muahaha! He's started uploading videos on his channel again which makes this little Cat very very happy! Also people are asking for me to make some videos for his channel so expect to see me there.

There are a lot of parks in Borlänge. And this one is next to the job center and geology museum. There are also lots of museums. Now I come from a very picturesque and historically rich place in Portugal. So these museums have to be on my bucket list for me to visit.
Cute statues with very acute details, but very pretty fountain nonetheless.

Or some sculptures that I can't even decifer what they are? I would say that the photo under is a disassembled person that tinkered around with a bike and lost?

 I really liked that there was a lot of people on the streets but when I was to take a photo people just flocked away. I don't mind, it looks like an isolated place with beautiful flowers and wonderful birds that didn't even fly away when I came close and tried taking a picture. In fact, one would say that they posed for the photos and my camera's shutter fluttered away! I just had a poetic epiphany! Don't mind me. :)

Again if you enjoyed make sure to share this post or bookmark it. You can follow me on my social networks for some sassy comment or just to talk. I like talking to you guys on twitter and facebook.
Let me know if you liked these photos because I love taking them and have tons from last year and I'm sure I'll have more from this year.
I've also been slowly working on my blog's appearance and coding it. Hopefully it visually appealing?
Let me know. For now enjoy the rest of the summer! Take care.

09 August 2013

{Review} Sally Hansen - Nude Now

Well hello there fellow bloggers!

So I've been enjoying painting my nails with this little find I found (hehe play on words).
And for that I decided to share one of my favorite nude nail polishes of August. Nude Now is a great color if you don't want to worry about touch-ups or reapplying polish all the time.

This is quite the warm toned beige which made me think it wouldn't compliment my yellow toned skin hue. But, it actually makes for a great polish and works great with my skin tone.

The Sally Hansen brand comes with a great brush if you like OPI polishes. It's nice and big which covers the whole nail bed if you have some hands, and therefore, small nails like I do.

It also hides the fact that I broke all my nails. Oops.

Anyway hope you enjoyed and see you tomorrow with a new video! MUAH!

07 August 2013

Easiest Marbled Manicure Ever!

So I like nail polish, and lipstick, and blush... Hell, I love makeup! Haha.
I also enjoy having a nice manicure on my nails but sometimes a girl just doesn't have time!
So this video is for all my time restricted girls (and boys) out there!

Watch video below | Watch at YouTube

So I do hope you enjoy and if you use this mani, share it with me on instagram with the hashtag #nekkoartnet and I'll share it because that means you rock! *wink*

Easy Origami Dragon

Hello guys!

I thought it would be cool to share a simple origami dragon that anyone could fold or perfect for beginners!

 Watch video below | Watch at YouTube

Hope you enjoy and if you have any video suggestions please keep them coming! B'bye

05 August 2013

Kate Beckett Inspired Skull Bracelet

Hey guys!

This video was fun to do. So if you like Kate's sass you'll most likely like this video, right? :) Or Castle in general.

I love skulls! I like them on t-shirts, sneakers, on purses or even on scarfs! Almost as much as I like spikes! Haha.

 Watch video below | Watch at YouTube

Remember that you can see more videos on arm candy here! Or you can just subscribe to my channel.
Hope you enjoy and see you soon!

DIY Sequin Throw Pillow Covers

New video a day late but I hope it's ok!

This is a personal  favorite of mine. I made two cute pillow covers for under 20$ inspired by Martha Stewart's post here. I just love how elegant these covers make a room and how inexpensive they are compared to other stores out there. Plus, they're unique and your little baby!

I made a sew and no sew version. You just have to choose which one you prefer best. You can try with beige or golden fabric and finish out with silver sequin ribbon, it's your choice. I went for this color scheme because we now have a new light grey sofa and I think that grey, gold and white would just suit the decor SO well.

Materials I used are:
Sequin ribbon
Light grey fabric
Fabric glue
Sewing machine

I do hope you enjoyed this post and that you share it out to the world of the interwebs!

04 August 2013

Recipe: White Chocolate and Blueberry Waffles

Hey guys!

New video today and this one is a yummy one.
I've been doing this recipe when I have major sugar cravings and just want to eat waffles as supper. It's so easy and fast to make plus not as unhealthy as it might look because I don't really put sugar in since I use syrup already. Yum!

Watch video below | Watch at YouTube.

So the ingredients for this recipe is:

1 pack of blueberries (aprox. 100 grams) 
3 teaspoons baking powder 
1 egg 1 tablespoon sugar ( if you absolutely have to) 
1 dl of whole wheat flour 
1 dl of grahams flour 
1 dl cups milk 
Half teaspoon salt 
One quarter of a cup of melted butter 
1 bar of unsweetened white chocolate 

Enjoy folks and happy noms!

Best Alternatives for Google Reader

Well Google has done it again. They came baring gifts, the sour kind. So Google Reader will be no more and I think next will be their friendconnect widget for only blogger now. This made me think that not writting on the blogger platform is good. At least I've not felt like they took something from me, though Friend Connect (which the website doesn't work any longer...wah, wah. wah...) was available to wordpress and now it isn't anymore.

So if you use this rss reader like me, you are a bit annoyed. I've done some research and saut out the best non-Google client apps available out there, in my opinion.
At the starting point is Bloglovin' and Feedly as it even has an import feature for us greaders. Besides the easy to use interface, what sold me on this one is the fact that it's browser based and has apps for iOS and Android devices. It also has a clean layout and compares to Google's reader as well.

 In terms of apps, well that's a different problem. I'm sure many rss app developers are working towards a better solution. But what if you don't concur with what Google is doing? Well there's a petition you can sign up here so that this reader doesn't get discontinued.

In the meantime, for the bloggers out there: Have your feeds and whatnot very clear and updated with Feedburner, Hellocotton, Bloglovin' and email updates. I think that's the only thing we can do now.

Catrice "Genius in the Bottle"

Well, well, well... I've found you Catrice and I do not want to let go! Thank goodness for supermarket makeup! 

So I've bought this Catrice nail polish and keep reusing it overly much. I love it. This is supposedly a dupe for the Chanel Peridot (which aren't my favorite nail polishes due to the fast chipping and high price). However, I do love their color picks and collections so when I find an inspired inexpensive polish, I immediately buy it.

 As you can see from the close up photos, this product has such a beautiful golden shimmer to it and a duo chrome with a nice olive green hue. I love it! Plus the color pay-off is so worth it.

 The wear is quite good for a drugstore nail polish, which translates roughly into 6 days to me. And I clean dishes and do crafting as well.

I enjoy that the brush in the Catrice polishes is compared to the OPI  one too. Being wide so it covers almost all of the nail at once.
I only needed two coats of this nail polish but I did cover my nails with three coats. The photos show the the nail polish receded a bit but, to be honest, that was my fault because my Seche Vite is rather thick and in need of a thinner. Oops. :)
I did try without the top coat and it works wonderfully!

Anyway, hope everyone got a chance to buy this limited edition baby and peace! Hah...

2012 Moments

Why hello there.

I've been enjoying nature landscapes more and more in the past weeks. I'm not entirely sure if because I always lived on the beach or because the woods on my backyard are so beautiful. Probably both. :)

Anyway, This past year has been a sweet and sour experience for me. not going into much detail, a lot has happened and change sometimes isn't taken well by your closest friends and/or family. But now things seem to be taking a good direction and that´s what matters.

The greatest highlights, to me, start with July. I got to enjoy Summer and my family's company fully since my dad wasn't working at the time. We live in the beach which makes August more pleasurable.

 The past Summer was so sunny and perfect. I did enjoy it more and for that I'm grateful.

This was also the year where I got to enjoy Rocky growing up into a cute and funny cat. From the day I found him 2 years ago to then when he tormented Ninfa and Buddy or to when he was relaxing just in the weirdest places he could ever find.

Then October came so fast almost not giving any way to September to appear, or at least that's what I felt. This was the year I made bonds with amazing awesome youtube people. Me and my boyfriend are so lucky to have found amazing people like Honney and her kids. We enjoy every second of it. Thank you dear for being so fantastic.
And then there are amazing people like Crock which we met through Linus's server. Foj's such an impeccable person and so many other people. Thank you... :)

 This November was so convoluted and good at the same time I can't figure out how to start. Well my other half came over and stayed in my folks home for a couple of weeks. I loved showing him my country and its wonders. Then after that I moved to Sweden which is where I´m writing this post from. The past year I said goodbye to one of my favorite places, my sunny country, Portugal.

 So Christmas came fast and with it I got to make one of my favorite things during this season: The tree!! I also had a white Christmas and that made me happy.

I can also sum up some of my 2012 moments with my Instagram feed. Well not all of the photos, just my most beloved ones. :) I do hope you've enjoyed the read and the photos. I promise not to bring so many pictures the next post I promise. ;)

 Bye bye yo!

Strawberry Milkshake Goodness

Hello there!

Lately I've been enjoying cold drinks a lot! If you follow me on twitter you'll already know this by now.

So since this recipe turned out delicious I've decided to share it with the whole wide world. It really is very tasty mainly because of the yogurt I've used, which was Nestlé Grego Vanilla.

To begin, you should really use frozen fruits. I've used a mixture of red fruits such as strawberries, cherries, cranberries and raspberries. These type of fruits are actually beneficial for your heart and brain.

- Vanilla flavored yogurt

- Frozen Red fruits such as strawberries, cherries, cranberries and raspberries and even a bit of frozen cherry tomatoes

- Skim milk

- Vanilla essence or honey

- Mint leafs

- Ice

To be quite frank, I eyeballed the quantities but the trick is to NOT exaggerate on the honey/vanilla essence. If you must you can use sugar though I do not suggest using honey or the essence because I think it to be too sweet afterwards.

Stir everything in the mixer until you obtain a smooth consistency, when you finish pour some into a tumbler or a cup and savor it. Hmm! Really good!

There you go. Simple antioxidant smoothie with a delicious fresh taste. Hope you enjoy and happy sipping!

Snowing in Sweden

Hello there.
So, I've recently moved to Sweden with my boyfriend and things have been crazy. Nonetheless, I've been wanting to have my own blog for quiet some time now. I really want this blog to be my baby and grow :)

Things are still settling down and I've had this domain for a while now but I guess now is the time to post. It's snowing today and I live in the mountains. Anyway, hope to write here soon and share some crafts/beauty/photography things on this blog. This will be mainly things I like to do I guess.

Kiss Kiss 

03 August 2013

Sit down and relax

Hello there!

First of all, let me explain this blog. I've had this blog from the very beginning of my interest for Origami which was around March of 2008. Wow! That was so long ago! Anyway, I used to write in Portuguese and had a ton of fun with this little space of mine on the internet. 

Secondly, I started making videos in English and also fell in love with the process of shooting video tutorials live so blogging kind of suffered from that. I will be writting in english here too! However, there was a part of me that always missed writing and sharing things with my blogger friends. It's such an incredible and amicable group!

So, here I am again after even dabbling in wordpress. I think I prefer blogger the most even though I can appreciate the other platform as well. I'll be posting some of my older posts revisited and the new ones as well. I hope you like that I've returned and that you follow this blog if you want.