26 December 2013

Recipe: Caramel Peppermint Hot Chocolate | Nekkoart

Hello there!
I hope you guys enjoy hot steamy delicioushot chocolate with a hint of peppermint and caramel to sweeten your day! :)

Here's a quick how to on this. I really do fancy how the video turned out and how fun it was to edit!

17 December 2013

Five Point Pentagon Modular Origami Star | Tomoko Fuse

Hello there guys!
Snowflake inspired Origami today!

Template is here.

05 December 2013

DIY Cute Christmas Tree Gift Box !

Hello! I love this season SO much! Today finally snowed for real here where I live, which is pretty late for Sweden. Everything is coated white with snow which is what I enjoyed. It's like this country was made to be snowed on! :) Anyway, today I've made a little easy diy video on this cute Christmas tree candy holder. I LOVE it! It was originally from La Luna but I altered it a bit more to fit my style better. 
I like little Bambi deers prancing around in the snow and Christmas so I decided to add it all in one! Plus the candy is worth it! Who else loves candy canes and peppermint in general?!

The materials you'll need are:


Template (download)
Peppermint Candy

It's really simple and easy, not to mention quick. The download link for my template is here if you didn't see the download button above.

Watch below | Watch on youtube

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