26 December 2013

Recipe: Caramel Peppermint Hot Chocolate | Nekkoart

Hello there!
I hope you guys enjoy hot steamy delicioushot chocolate with a hint of peppermint and caramel to sweeten your day! :)

Here's a quick how to on this. I really do fancy how the video turned out and how fun it was to edit!

17 December 2013

Five Point Pentagon Modular Origami Star | Tomoko Fuse

Hello there guys!
Snowflake inspired Origami today!

Template is here.

05 December 2013

DIY Cute Christmas Tree Gift Box !

Hello! I love this season SO much! Today finally snowed for real here where I live, which is pretty late for Sweden. Everything is coated white with snow which is what I enjoyed. It's like this country was made to be snowed on! :) Anyway, today I've made a little easy diy video on this cute Christmas tree candy holder. I LOVE it! It was originally from La Luna but I altered it a bit more to fit my style better. 
I like little Bambi deers prancing around in the snow and Christmas so I decided to add it all in one! Plus the candy is worth it! Who else loves candy canes and peppermint in general?!

The materials you'll need are:


Template (download)
Peppermint Candy

It's really simple and easy, not to mention quick. The download link for my template is here if you didn't see the download button above.

Watch below | Watch on youtube

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I'm uploading videos every other day for December 2013 as a present to you guys! Thank you so much for the support! Big puckered kisses for y'all!

16 November 2013

Winter Burlap Wreath | SALE!

You can also buy here.
Note: People will be charged for the US, however you can go to my Etsy page and it has all the options for where you live and how much it'll cost. Thank you. :)

11 November 2013

Veggie Naan Pizza Recipe | Healthy Quick Recipes

Let me just begin by saying that I love pizza! However, if you have a food conscience and you want something light to feast on then this dish is for you. However, I also live with a famished Swede that needs nourishment believe it or not. And this is the right amount of nourishment for both.

The ingredients you'll need are:
• Mushrooms
• Orange
• Naan Bread
• Spring Onion
• Tomato Sauce
• Cheese (I would use mozzarella instead of the one I used but I was out at the moment)
• Onion
• Salt
• Five Peppers
• Chili Pepper
• Sausage if you need to feed a hungry man
Cut up the onion, the orange and the mushroom to small slices. Cut the spring onion in very thing slices as it has a strong flavor.
Heat the tomato sauce in a skillet with the pepper, chili and salt. Afterwards, spread the sauce on the naan bread.

Pile all those delicious vegetables on top. Firstly, start with the onion, then the mushrooms and finally the spring onions, I'd leave a bit of it on the side to put as a topping mixed with the cheese, to give color. Also mix in the orange, I did this because I love the tangy yet sweet taste it gives to the naan bread.
Cut the cheese and put that on top of all the vegetables. The amount is according to your taste or desire for cheese but if I were you I'd not skimp too much.

If I had mozzarella I'd use it because it is far more tasty and healthy! I'm actually planning on making my own homemade mozzarella cheese.
 Preheat the oven to 250°C then turn down to 170°C (if you live in the US this means that you preheat it to 390°F and turn it down to 330°F) . Let sit in the oven for about 15 to 20 minutes depending on the oven. When you see that the cheese has melted and is now a golden color, you're done!
And that is it! You're done and your home should be smelling of scrumptious naan pizza bread! I do hope you enjoyed and tell me if you try this out yourselves! Links to talk to me are below and thank you for stopping by!

08 November 2013

Indian Chai Tea Latte Recipe

 I love the cold weather and why not accompany this Swedish cold breeze with a warm chai latte? I've been watching American Horror Story and I love to sip on my latte with a cozy blanket my mom gave me. This is very comfortable and I don't like to abuse on ingesting sugar so I use stevia or agave (i prefer agave syrup's taste better).
Anyway, this is a very simple and quick recipe and frankly I do this in 5 minutes. Try it out and tell me how you enjoy it. 

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06 November 2013

October Highlights

It is November. Which means Christmas is around the corner!
October was a very interesting month as it snowed WAY too early here in Sweden ✳ I got really addicted to Indian Chai Tea Latte ✳ We went to the city, Borlänge, I found this quaint little hotel ✳ I turned 26 and my boyfriend, Linus, gave me this cute little critter ✳ I love pomegranate. The first of the year for me ✳ Made this Mandala Poty with a beautiful paper I got from Panduro ✳ One of the pretty days of Autumn when I got out of school that noon ✳ Christmas decorations on Coop Konsum. Love the things they picked out ✳ The snow melted and it looked like Spring again in our city. Lovely landscape.

Like what you see? Then head over to my Instagram (@nekkoartnet, same as my twitter) and check out what I've been up to this month!
Love Nekko.

04 November 2013

DIY Geometric Glitter Wall Art {Paintings}

Huzzah! My office is about 10% done! 
Here's a little sneak peek at what we've been up to...wall decor! I only have made like 4 paintings which is not nearly enough.
I knew I wanted to use a turquoise / sea foam green so that's how I planned out my decor. And then I found a beautiful box that you can see in this video on my DIY Lipgloss. It's sea foam green, gold and white. HELLO?! It's amazing!

The things I need to finish my room now are a day bed as it will double as a guest room, a rug, WAY more paintings on the wall, curtains I need to sew, the gimmick-y Christmas lights that go all year around, a chair for the desk and a ceiling light. Ok those are a lot of things, maybe I'll be done in 2020?

Linus says it's my girl cave.I concur but for all of you that don't like the color combo here is a site I go to often and I'm designing things for other people: Adobe's Kuler. Just choose your favorite color and see what Kuler combines it with!

Now can we talk about that cold color mixed with the golden glitter? I didn't think it would look that good but they do! If you like decor, I'm planning on making a house tour blogpost with photos of the place without our things in their but anyway hope that this suffices for now. Hope you enjoy color, geometry and glitter!

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13 October 2013

Minecraft Build: Addams Family House (Part 1 & 2)

Hey guys!
So I like building and Halloween therefor I decided to make this little video. I chose to build The Addams Family house which unites these two topics well.

The graveyard from the movies. It also has the statue and sofa. I love that little detail they had and decided to implement it to the build.
In the end, when I did the tour with Honney (whom I coded the blog for, go check it out and tell me if you like it. Link is here); I decided to add lights to the tip of the trees so she could see the outside details better. Turns out we ended up recording for more then an hour! I'd say that's normal when we're streaming together! :P

Here's the mailbox and sign of "BEWARE OF THING" inspired by the 1960's sitcom. You can see this in the first ever pilot! I took a lot of inspiration from that first episode when the kids are summoned to go to school instead of being home-schooled by Granmama.

The exterior 

Watch video below | Watch on Youtube

The interior 

Watch video below | Watch on Youtube

And the inside! I've decided to take some snapshots even though we have a long second video since I myself enjoy details.
The texture pack really does change the vibe of the whole thing transforming it into a haunted house for Halloween!

The chandelier is one of my favorites. I added it above Lurch's piano and going down the stairs to give the right mood. They are tear shaped down the stairs so you don't bump your little cube head! :P
There's also the bird cage and the chairs near the fire place. The carpet is free so the kids can play. Also Gomez and Morticia can dance to Lurch's musical pianos!

In the dining room in the above picture, I added Jack O'Lanterns. This room was done by Linus though and I think he did a great job! I love the coal block acting as the dinning table!

The kitchen was also made by Linus. He's a Chef so I thought it was only appropriate.

Dan dan daaan! Haha I'm a derp! Anyway, this area here is Morticia's garden and since the movies don't mention it and the show's setup makes NO sense I decided to make inside the house. Thoughts?

My favorite room! The main bedroom! I love the purple and also the snow I added as pillows! Hm so fluffy you want to sleep all day!
Also let's take a moment to basque in Uncle Fester's bedroom below. I adore the books.

Pugsly's room with the fire place. I have to admit that that is one of my most beloved details! I'd love to have a fireplace in my room wouldn't you?!

Wednesday's room with the awesome big bed and the headless dolls!

And behind the fireplace going back down to the living room.

This is all for this let's build! If you want to support then please subscribe to my blog or youtube. Anyway, hope you enjoy! I will be making these more if you guys want to.
Thank you for coming by!